5 Reasons You Should Consider Working With Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

In 1994 Richard Blair decided it was time to do is own thing. So he took a leap of faith and started Wealth Solutions, an independent Investment Advisory firm dedicated to helping individuals, families, and small business owners bridge the gap between planing for retirement and actually living in retirement.


Over the last 20 plus years Blair has honed his skills and is now considered one of the best in the industry when it comes to retirement planning.


Here are 5 reasons you should consider working with Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions:


#1 -He Provides Local Assistance


The great thing about Richard Blair is his willingness to be very hands on with his clients. If you live in or around the Austin, TX area Richard will work exclusively with you to help you build wealth and retire on top.


Blair believes working with his clients face to face is the best way to build strong, long term relationships that foster open and honest communication.


#2 – He Is An Independent Advisor


As an independent advisor Blair is not required to sell his clients certain products. Instead he is free to recommend only the products and services that he knows will help them reach their financial goals.


He takes the time to understand the goals of each client and then offers personalized advice and investment strategies that align with those goals.


#3 – He Offers Fiduciary Care


When you work with Richard Blair you can be confident you will get the highest possible standard of service. For Blair his number one priority is ensuring he meets the needs of his clients first.


#4 – He Is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)


While there a literally thousands of financial planners who offer retirement planning advice, very few of them are actually certified in retirement income.


By having the RICP Designation it shows that Blair has completed all requirements set forth by the RICP Board and is qualified to help his clients convert their savings accounts into to a steady income they can rely on in retirement.


#5 – He Is a Certified Income Specialist (CIS)


There is only one designation that is nationally recognized by the Institute of Business & Finance (IBF) and that is the Certified Income Specialist designation.


In order to receive this designation the candidate must complete a year long program that focuses on various issues surrounding retirement and financial planning. Blair has completed this program and is therefore fully qualified to help you with all of your retirement needs.

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