Mike Baur‘s Successful Factory That Mentors Young Startups and Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is one of the most prosperous entrepreneurs and a businessman who grew up in Freiburg Switzerland. He started his career in banking at an early age of 16. He became an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland, but this did not last long as he was later to ditch his UBS career to work for various companies including his firm.


The talented Mike Baur worked for the UBS for a greater part of the 90s where he became an important advisory before reaching the age of 30. He advised the well-known Swiss investors by that time as his skills were innumerable. But in the year 2008, he quit his job at the UBS and secured a job at the Zurich bank called the Clariden Leu. He held a senior position for six years, but in the year 2014, he quit his job and devoted himself to his passion of helping the tech entrepreneurs. His decision was also influenced by the hard post-recession banking environment which made the banking industry less impressive to him.


To achieve his passion, he co-founded the Swiss startup factory in 2014partnering with Max Meister who was a fellow student at Bern University. This incubator program facilitates young tech entrepreneurs by providing training, mentoring, funds and also access to free rent offices in Switzerland. New startups receive assistance for three good months. Through this period, Mike Baur helps the startups by educating them to market their products and services worldwide, provide educational process on how to acquire funds from investors where they increase the chances of becoming a success.


The Swiss Startup Factory inspires the startups to register for the pitching contests. Mike Baur was among the jurors in the 2014 START Summiteer contest which now occurs every year at the Swiss university. Through the annual event, 30 newest enterprises talk about their businesses, products, and their plans. Accepting only startups with less than $1 million in funding, the experts evaluate the startups using several aspects and decides who emerges the winner. Mike Baur’s participation facilitated the establishment of SSUF as a credible and well-known business incubator.


He also created Think Reloaded firm the same year which renders financial advice to prosperous clients. He became the CTI Invest’s deputy managing director and the two firms now provide training and organize the startup day event. Also, the SSUF formed the alliance with BV4 which assesses the intellectual property and the monetary values of ideas. Mike Baur and Max Meister are involved in directing the BV4 due to these firms partnership.


Daniel Mark Harrison: Trailblazing in Literature and Business

The name Daniel Mark Harrison is widely known in business and cryptocurrency circles. Daniel Mark Harrison has created a name for himself as an extraordinary entrepreneur in the finance sector. Harrison is a managing partner at blockchain funding firm, Monkey Capital. The company is well known as a decentralized hedge fund dealing in SpaceX contracts and pre-ICO options. Its pre-ICO options are known as COEVAL trading; they are trading on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The fintech company handles clients from across the world and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking to raise one billion dollars.

Literary Success

Daniel Mark Harrison is part of the team responsible for getting Monkey Capital on the international stage. However, he also holds the positions of CEO and chairman at his family assets management firm Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. In addition to this role, Harrison is a world-renowned author and writer. He has written for different journals and publications including Forbes, Marx Rand, Credit Flux, BNET.com, the Wall Street Journal, CoinSpeaker, and The Motley Fool, among others.

Harrison’s work has had a tremendous impact in the financial world. One of his pieces led to CD changing its index after he did the story “The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index.” His writing in the financial sector has also focused a lot on stock markets, especially in the US and UK. However, some of his stories have steered away from the finance sector. He once exposed a story of a rogue cop who coupled as the head of the Ku Klux Klan and also wrote on how Toyota was propagating slave labor.

Education Background

Daniel Mark Harrison pursued his education at three universities: New York University, BI Norwegian Business School, and the University of Oxford. At New York University, he enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Journalism where he focused on business journalism. While at the BI Norwegian Business School, he pursued an MBA in General Business Administration and Management. Harrison was a student at the University of Oxford for only one year where he was pursuing a BA in Theology even though he did not complete the degree program.

Louis Chenevert’s Personal Road to Success

When it comes to career accomplishments, Louis Chenevert has a long list. Standing 6’5” tall, he is a true visionary. Perhaps he is best known for having been the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies. UTC, with Chenevert at the helm, was worth $63 billion. They ran ahead of the competition by using the latest innovation techniques, tools, and strategies in both building and aerospace technologies. One of the most important assets Chenevert brought to the corporation is his ability to manage and inspire.

The company has never oppressed its workforce. The company also endeavored to work within every required environmental regulation. This only happens when those at the top pay attention to every detail while allowing the workforce to do its job. Chenevert is a native of Canada, and attended HEC Montreal where he chose production management as his major. He honed his skills at General Motors for 14 years and rose to the rank of production manager. He also added Pratt & Whitney to his impressive resume while in Canada.

He carries a reputation for being a thoughtful, subtle thinker who loves solving complex problems and one who keeps his finger on his industry’s pulse. At UTC, Chenevert placed focus and a ready willingness to invest in technologies and people that could drive the company’s growth. His company success benefited the U.S. manufacturing sector and was instrumental in helping keep jobs in the country. Today, Chenevert still lends his knowledge and wisdom as an adviser to Goldman Sachs. His knowledge and experience is most helpful to the bank’s merchant banking division as they target opportunities within the industrial and aerospace sectors.

Chenevert is also a man of the sea. He has a great deal of experience in the field and designed and built three yachts to date. He put his experience, knowledge, drive, and love for the sea into the projects. It is a wise saying that we all have equal time to accomplish in life. Chenevert has used his time, experience, and connections effectively.