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Talk Fusion Launches University

Talk Fusion has been taking the world by storm being the first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. The focus being to help businesses to stand out from the competition, increase profits, sales, and to keep consumers coming back. This program has shown to offer more engaging content to customer by using more persuasive and memorable videos to draw them in.

The company just launched “Talk Fusion University” today that is taught by the Founder and CEO of the company who is sharing his 25+ years of network marketing expertise with Talk Fusion Associates across the globe.

Reina teaches Talk Fusion Associates through motivational and step-by-step instructi0nal videos alongside written resources to teach his international audience how to use the program to its fullest potential. His gone on to teach that the success of the associates depends on how much effort they’re putting in, but it also relies on the efforts put forth by others ( The goal of Talk Fusion University is to bring together people with different backgrounds, personalities, education levels, and sales experience to the same level. The end goal being to generate a real income and focusing on not only what a single individual can do, but what an entire team is capable of duplicating.

The University has been taking the lessons Reina has to offer to a whole new level and he’s gained a large global following for his marketing expertise, worth ethic, and winning mindset. He’s even been known to deliver motivational speeches over Facebook LIVE and has been seen co-hosting over corporate broadcasts.

The University is the host to over thirty videos of Reina explaining the step-by-step instructions on how to use Talk Fusion’s products for better business opportunities. Networking in today’s age of social media is rough for businesses since they need a way to grab their customer’s attention and engage them. Performance and price are the two factors focused on in the University since they’re tried and true in the industry. Reina has even stated his core mission is to help people unlock their potential from being ‘average’ to being ‘extraordinary’. Currently the University is only available to Talk Fusion Associates, but access to it is free of charge.

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