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Mathew Autterson’s Rise to The Top Of the Financial world

Mathew Autterson is a well-established individual who has made a name for himself in the financial services industry. With over 25 years’ experience, Mathew Autterson has gathered the necessary expertise and knowledge to take any company to the next level in terms of financial growth. Currently, Mathew Autterson works at the CNS Bioscience Incorporation. Mathew Autterson serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. He is also among the board members of CNS Bioscience Incorporation. Founded in 2013, CNS Bioscience is a clinical-stage drug development firm that puts much of its concentration on neuropathic pain.


Mathew Autterson attended the Michigan State University and in 1980 he graduated with a B.A in Finance. Mr Autterson is also an alumnus of the University of Denver where he learned about the Graduate Tax Program. Mr Autterson’s career began at the First Trust Corporation. He worked there for some time but left in 1982. Mathew Autterson went on to charter a new Colorado State Charted Trust Company alongside some other few people. The company was chartered as a subsidiary of Integrated Resources Incorporation.


In 1986, Mathew Autterson’s career seemed to be taking a positive turn. In the same year, he became Resources Trust Company’s President. 3 years later, however, Resources Trust Company was acquired by Broad Incorporation. It was acquired together with all the assets that were owned by Integrated Resources. This entire transaction is what led to the formation of Sun America.

Mathew Autterson is really great when it comes to getting things done effectively. At some point in career, in the year 2000, Mathew Autterson was applauded for his impeccable job at a Carousel event. The event that was hosted by Sherri Koelbel, was a record-breaking one having attracted over 2500 guests. At the event, they were able to raise over $600000 so as to build a carousel for children at the Denver Zoo. Sherri attributed much of the success to Mathew Autterson. She added that it was through the financial connections of Mathew Autterson the event received huge chunks of money as contributions to the cause. See This Page for related information.


Currently, Mathew Autterson is a member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems’ Board of Directors. Over the years, Mr. Matthew has held numerous leadership positions in various institutions. He has been a board member of the Denver Zoo and Webb-Warring Foundation among many others. Mathew also served as the Board of Directors’ Chairman of the Denver Hospice. Furthermore, Mathew Autterson was also a member of the World Presidents Organization.


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