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Penn West Is Now Obsidian Energy And There Have Been Many Positive Changes Made To Strengthen The Company

Penn West Petroleum LTD. has recently changed its name to Obsidian Energy Ltd., which was a move that was approved by its shareholders. Its stock symbol has also been changed to “OBE,” but its shareholders do not need to take any action. The company has recently been undergoing many different changes, and its leadership announced that changing its name was the last move to compete its transformation. moving forward, the company looks to embrace a trio of principles including to protect its enterprise value and make disciplined commercial and technical decisions, to be progressive and creative, and to be as transparent and accountable as possible with all of its shareholders.


Obsidian Energy has also renewed its commitment to impacting the communities it operates in in a positive way. To do this the company has set up a Community Matters program, which will always be a reminder to anyone that works with them or their own employees to openly communicate and take care of any issues or concerns that residents have in the areas the company works in. Along with this, the Obsidian is looking to minimize its environmental impact as well and will be following all environmental regulations, conservation of resources, and reclamation practices that need to be adhered to. They have even set up a toll-free phone number that people can call express their concerns about the work the company is doing in their neighborhood or near where they call home. Visit This Page for related information.


To round this out, Obsidian Energy has also made their Corporate Governance policies and procedures extremely clear. One way the company has done this is to put together a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics manual that clearly defines its business culture, how it will handle conflicts of interest, how it will treat its employees and anyone else in the public, how it will protect confidential information, and much more. Obsidian also published a Diversity Policy that recognizes the importance of a diverse workforce as well as a Environmental Policy that covers how it will conduct its business and follow regulations or exceed regulations that keep our planet safe.



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