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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Started Small And Now Expanding Into Chinese Beauty Market

Fearless would probably be one of the best words to describe e-commerce beauty owner Doe Deere. Launching a cosmetics brand in a sea of others isn’t easy; the field is highly competitive, and the major brands have had a lock on the industry for decades.


Doe Deere knew there were challenges, but she also trusted her gut and believed that Lime Crime was bringing a whole new attitude and generation to the face of beauty. She spoke with LA’s about having the moxie to start a business and to keep it going.


Doe Deere is a native of Russia and recalls a happy childhood with lovely fantasies of unicorns, bright colors and playing with makeup. She knew that being a business owner was in her DNA; she developed the spirit at age 13 when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. They trusted her stylish persona and the things she told them were trending.


She moved to New York City in her teens and began a few small businesses, one of them being an eBay shop of fashion. Doe Deere enjoyed being at the helm of a company, creating the mission and jumping in without fear. She also wanted to be a musician and joined a rock band. She met her husband-to-be Mark there, and today, he is Lime Crime’s president.


Lime Crime is not the typical makeup brand. It offers a much different beauty attitude and is geared towards a new generation of young women and men who like to express themselves with cosmetics. The colors are strong, vibrant and like fashionable accessories. Some would say that Lime Crime is a rule-breaker; the brand does not believe in following society’s rules. In other words, blue lipstick is like any other shade and meant to be worn whenever desired.


One of the brand’s cult favorites comes from Lime Crime’s Velvetines collection. These liquid-matte lipsticks were developed by Doe Deere and her lab chemist and are incredible products. They stay on the lips and do not transfer. The pigments are stunning and come in a wide variety of radical shades that have revolutionized the way women wear lipstick today.


Best of all, Doe Deere is proud of Lime Crime’s image and compassion to the world. It is a vegan, cruelty-free company and certified by the famous Leaping Bunny organization. That matters to many makeup wearers, and to know that her brand does not use any animal-derived ingredients adds more power to Lime Crime’s high standards in the cosmetics industry.


Lime Crime has recently partnered with another e-commerce site called Revolve. Together they have launched a powerful pairing into the Chinese beauty market. Revolve is a popular fashion shopping store that exclusively carries Lime Crime makeup for Chinese shoppers.


It’s amazing to watch Lime Crime expand overseas; the brand had humble roots in 2008 and has soared to new heights. Doe Deere continues to dream big and take action when the moment is right.


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