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National Steel Car Becomes Prized For Its Excellence Under Gregory Aziz

When you think about freight car manufacturing, National Steel Car is often the first name that comes to mind. A company with over 100 years of experience in freight care manufacturing and engineering, and with a reputation for innovation, the company has recently become a global leader in freight car manufacturing, as well as the largest freight car manufacturer in North America. The company is currently under Gregory Aziz, their Chairman, President, and CEO.



Greg James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz has always shown a talent for business, first becoming apparent when he joined Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food importer run by his family. After he joined the company, it became part of the global market, importing fresh food products the world over, and distributing them to a majority of North America’s fresh food companies. After his time at Affiliated Foods, he went on to work on investment banking in the United States. These ventures giving him the capital needed to purchase National Steel Car, which was, at the time, owned by Dofasco.


The company had stagnated, and its former luster had been all but lost over the course of Dofasco’s ownership. However, Aziz was dedicated to bringing National Steel Car back onto the world stage, and his efforts would pay off. With a focus on investments and team building, the company expanded quickly, its manufacturing capacity almost quadrupled, and well over 2,000 new employees were taken on over the course of only six years.



National Steel Car

With the company expanding rapidly under Aziz, and its employees dedicating themselves to the success of National Steel Car, the company quickly became a global leader in the industry. With a focus on constant innovation and unrivaled excellence in engineering and manufacturing, National Steel Car has held tightly onto its position as the largest freight car manufacturer in North America, far exceeding the expectations of its customers. Read This Article to learn more.


Despite the company becoming so prominent on the world stage doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a focus on the local community. At its roots, National Steel Car is a Hamilton business, and it’s not going to let go of that fact anytime soon. The company contributes heavily to local charitable organizations and to Hamilton attractions, as well as a yearly food drive to help fill the food banks, and, of course, a yearly Christmas Party for employees. The company may be a global leader, but its heart is still in Hamilton, Ontario.


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