The Growth of Online Shopping and Fabletics

Online shopping has grown to be a viable alternative to shopping at physical stores. As a matter of fact, with each passing year, more customers are turning to online stores and leaving the physical locations. Online shopping has become such a big hit that it has even taken a lot of customers away from physical stores even for the fashion industry. A lot of new companies have started online for plenty of reasons. One of the reasons is that it is very convenient and cost effective to do so. Another reason is that many people are shifting their attention to online shopping.


Fabletics is one of the brands that were formed with the knowledge of how lucrative online marketing is. There have been reports that have shown that a ton of people have shifted their shopping behavior online. Some people are doing a little bit of shopping online while others have completely left the physical stores for their online counterparts. Given that online shopping does have quite a few disadvantages and inconveniences, it is very interesting for people to shift their attention to online shopping even for clothing and accessories. However, this does not mean that online shopping has completely replaced physical location shopping.


Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and the other team members for TechStyle understand that shopping in physical stores still has enough of an appeal to people. Therefore, they have started to open up physical stores for Fabletics in some of the major markets. With these physical locations, more people can be reached. Among the people who prefer to shop in a physical store are those who are not confident about their size. After all, the sizing of the fashion industry is all over the place. Therefore, people need to try on clothes in order to see if they fit them.


There is indeed a change in the market as more people are shopping online. One major factor behind online shopping is that the internet is access from more than one type of device. Many people use their smartphones for online shopping. There is also the option for people to buy online and pick it up in a store.

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