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Louis Chenevert’s Personal Road to Success

When it comes to career accomplishments, Louis Chenevert has a long list. Standing 6’5” tall, he is a true visionary. Perhaps he is best known for having been the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies. UTC, with Chenevert at the helm, was worth $63 billion. They ran ahead of the competition by using the latest innovation techniques, tools, and strategies in both building and aerospace technologies. One of the most important assets Chenevert brought to the corporation is his ability to manage and inspire.

The company has never oppressed its workforce. The company also endeavored to work within every required environmental regulation. This only happens when those at the top pay attention to every detail while allowing the workforce to do its job. Chenevert is a native of Canada, and attended HEC Montreal where he chose production management as his major. He honed his skills at General Motors for 14 years and rose to the rank of production manager. He also added Pratt & Whitney to his impressive resume while in Canada.

He carries a reputation for being a thoughtful, subtle thinker who loves solving complex problems and one who keeps his finger on his industry’s pulse. At UTC, Chenevert placed focus and a ready willingness to invest in technologies and people that could drive the company’s growth. His company success benefited the U.S. manufacturing sector and was instrumental in helping keep jobs in the country. Today, Chenevert still lends his knowledge and wisdom as an adviser to Goldman Sachs. His knowledge and experience is most helpful to the bank’s merchant banking division as they target opportunities within the industrial and aerospace sectors.

Chenevert is also a man of the sea. He has a great deal of experience in the field and designed and built three yachts to date. He put his experience, knowledge, drive, and love for the sea into the projects. It is a wise saying that we all have equal time to accomplish in life. Chenevert has used his time, experience, and connections effectively.