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Orange Coast College Rowers among 5 Best Universities Battling For the 12th National Title

It is believed that rowing is among the few amateur stops that still exist in Orange County. However, on the other hand, others claim they experience a ballet of power, grace, and unity. The Orange Coast College, the OCC rowing team, is making its final touches before it can participate in the Nationals rowing championships at Nationals at Lake Lanier, Ga. Though a bit novice, the team is hopeful in clinching the top position.


The team’s captain is Daniel Amado; he is 22. He acquired his rowing skills while at the Los Alamitos High School. He had to abandon the sport for a while due to breaking a disk in his back rowing. He explains that it is only this year that he resumed the game after a long break. Amado adds that this sport teaches the player how to be strong and that’s why he has gotten the strength to bounce back to it. He disclosed that apart from strength, one acquires physical and mental skills to overcome life’s hurdles.


Steve Morris is the men’s’ assistant coach. Morris drives six days a week from Rancho Santa Margarita to Newport Harbor and makes sure he gets there earlier than 630 am sharp the time morning exercise start. In the 90s Steve Morris used to be the team’s head coach but had to relinquish the post to attend more to his family. However, due to his irresistible liking for this game, Morris chose to get back but this time as the assistant coach.


About Orange Coast College (OCC)


A campus found in Costa Mesa California and measures about 164 acres. A community college established in 1947, a subordinate of art and science degrees, diplomas of accomplishment and more every year. OCC admits about 24,000 students annually; classes start the following year. Going by its size, 164 acres, the school is the third largest institution in the county. Regarding technology and facilities, the school prides itself on having state of the art amenities. It offers more than 135 academic and career programs.


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