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Success Academy Offers a Unique and Effective Approach to Education

Success Academy was founded by Eva Maskowich, who has two goals that she founded her school on and uses to help drive its success. Over a decade ago, with experience as a teacher, elected official and a member of the New York City Council’s education committee, she understood that it would take hard work and dedication to ensure that all students got a high-quality education. That is why she wanted to open a new school that would be both high performing and open to all students regardless of income or background. Beyond that, she wanted to continue to while working on the overall quality of American education.


Success Academy is the embodiment of those goals that Moskowitz set out to achieve in 2006. This high performing series of charter schools are open to all students, regardless of income or background and offers a unique approach to education that gives its students the best chance at success in school, home, and life. A big part of the Success Academy model is what they like to call “A.C.T.I.O.N.” values. These 6 principles stand for Agency, Creative, Try& Try, Integrity, Others, and No Shortcuts.


That is why Success Academy and Eva Moskowitz decided to expand beyond the 41 brick and mortar schools that they operate in the New York City area. Moksowitz and her team of dedicated educators want to make sure that all students have the ability to learn and grow, and that all teachers have access to the resources and skills needed to teach students successfully. The new Success Academy Institute, which was launched in June 2017, is an online platform that offers students, teachers, and parents access to the Success Academy model of education. Educators can attend lectures, workshops, and in-person training sessions, in addition to gaining access to the Success Academy curriculum.