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Talk Fusion Comments on the Recent Changes to HuffPost

A recent report on Talk Fusion sheds some light on the company’s take on modern media. The news focuses on the unique view Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, has on venerable website The Huffington Post. His work contributing to the site gives him a unique view of its newest announcement. The Huffington Post recently announced that it is rebranding itself as HuffPost. Learn more:


HuffPost has a new name, but is continuing to focus on an important part of the news cycle. The Huffington Post has always held itself to high standards when it comes to telling the stories of people who can’t tell it for themselves. However, this is now the main focus of HuffPost. It’s little wonder why Bob Reina had a lot to say on this rebranding. Talk Fusion has long stood as one of the best ways to reach out to the world. However, people often forget just what’s involved with multimedia. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s technology is certainly revolutionary. However, the most revolutionary thing about Talk Fusion is the intent behind those innovations. Talk Fusion was created due to the fractured nature of the existing multimedia infrastructure. The technology was created to do just as the name suggests. It was to fuse together the different forms of high tech communications technologies into a singular whole. The end effect is that Talk Fusion was able to help people reach out to connect people on a variety of different platforms. Bob Reina himself has mentioned fairly often just how happy he is with the company’s ability to help charities and fundraising campaigns function at their best possible level.


This is one of the reasons why Bob Reina has been a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post. HuffPost is dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless through the use of technology. This is quite similar in many ways to Talk Fusion’s own mission statement. While Talk Fusion has a wider scope in terms of user base, it’s still primarily focussed on helping different groups connect with each other. And Bob Reina’s own passion for charitable works is always easy to see in how the company operates. It’s not at all uncommon to see cost matching which is intended to help charities do well with the Talk Fusion infrastructure. It remains to be seen where HuffPost will go in the future. It’s clear to see that Talk Fusion and Bob Reina will be watching with interest though. Learn more: