Orange Coast College Rowers among 5 Best Universities Battling For the 12th National Title

It is believed that rowing is among the few amateur stops that still exist in Orange County. However, on the other hand, others claim they experience a ballet of power, grace, and unity. The Orange Coast College, the OCC rowing team, is making its final touches before it can participate in the Nationals rowing championships at Nationals at Lake Lanier, Ga. Though a bit novice, the team is hopeful in clinching the top position.


The team’s captain is Daniel Amado; he is 22. He acquired his rowing skills while at the Los Alamitos High School. He had to abandon the sport for a while due to breaking a disk in his back rowing. He explains that it is only this year that he resumed the game after a long break. Amado adds that this sport teaches the player how to be strong and that’s why he has gotten the strength to bounce back to it. He disclosed that apart from strength, one acquires physical and mental skills to overcome life’s hurdles.


Steve Morris is the men’s’ assistant coach. Morris drives six days a week from Rancho Santa Margarita to Newport Harbor and makes sure he gets there earlier than 630 am sharp the time morning exercise start. In the 90s Steve Morris used to be the team’s head coach but had to relinquish the post to attend more to his family. However, due to his irresistible liking for this game, Morris chose to get back but this time as the assistant coach.


About Orange Coast College (OCC)


A campus found in Costa Mesa California and measures about 164 acres. A community college established in 1947, a subordinate of art and science degrees, diplomas of accomplishment and more every year. OCC admits about 24,000 students annually; classes start the following year. Going by its size, 164 acres, the school is the third largest institution in the county. Regarding technology and facilities, the school prides itself on having state of the art amenities. It offers more than 135 academic and career programs.


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Success Academy Offers a Unique and Effective Approach to Education

Success Academy was founded by Eva Maskowich, who has two goals that she founded her school on and uses to help drive its success. Over a decade ago, with experience as a teacher, elected official and a member of the New York City Council’s education committee, she understood that it would take hard work and dedication to ensure that all students got a high-quality education. That is why she wanted to open a new school that would be both high performing and open to all students regardless of income or background. Beyond that, she wanted to continue to while working on the overall quality of American education.


Success Academy is the embodiment of those goals that Moskowitz set out to achieve in 2006. This high performing series of charter schools are open to all students, regardless of income or background and offers a unique approach to education that gives its students the best chance at success in school, home, and life. A big part of the Success Academy model is what they like to call “A.C.T.I.O.N.” values. These 6 principles stand for Agency, Creative, Try& Try, Integrity, Others, and No Shortcuts.


That is why Success Academy and Eva Moskowitz decided to expand beyond the 41 brick and mortar schools that they operate in the New York City area. Moksowitz and her team of dedicated educators want to make sure that all students have the ability to learn and grow, and that all teachers have access to the resources and skills needed to teach students successfully. The new Success Academy Institute, which was launched in June 2017, is an online platform that offers students, teachers, and parents access to the Success Academy model of education. Educators can attend lectures, workshops, and in-person training sessions, in addition to gaining access to the Success Academy curriculum.

Talk Fusion Comments on the Recent Changes to HuffPost

A recent report on Talk Fusion sheds some light on the company’s take on modern media. The news focuses on the unique view Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, has on venerable website The Huffington Post. His work contributing to the site gives him a unique view of its newest announcement. The Huffington Post recently announced that it is rebranding itself as HuffPost. Learn more:


HuffPost has a new name, but is continuing to focus on an important part of the news cycle. The Huffington Post has always held itself to high standards when it comes to telling the stories of people who can’t tell it for themselves. However, this is now the main focus of HuffPost. It’s little wonder why Bob Reina had a lot to say on this rebranding. Talk Fusion has long stood as one of the best ways to reach out to the world. However, people often forget just what’s involved with multimedia. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s technology is certainly revolutionary. However, the most revolutionary thing about Talk Fusion is the intent behind those innovations. Talk Fusion was created due to the fractured nature of the existing multimedia infrastructure. The technology was created to do just as the name suggests. It was to fuse together the different forms of high tech communications technologies into a singular whole. The end effect is that Talk Fusion was able to help people reach out to connect people on a variety of different platforms. Bob Reina himself has mentioned fairly often just how happy he is with the company’s ability to help charities and fundraising campaigns function at their best possible level.


This is one of the reasons why Bob Reina has been a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post. HuffPost is dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless through the use of technology. This is quite similar in many ways to Talk Fusion’s own mission statement. While Talk Fusion has a wider scope in terms of user base, it’s still primarily focussed on helping different groups connect with each other. And Bob Reina’s own passion for charitable works is always easy to see in how the company operates. It’s not at all uncommon to see cost matching which is intended to help charities do well with the Talk Fusion infrastructure. It remains to be seen where HuffPost will go in the future. It’s clear to see that Talk Fusion and Bob Reina will be watching with interest though. Learn more: